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Lisa Virginia

Life can be hard. Astrology can make it easier.

Astrology is more than just your sun sign horoscope.

Astrology offers a unique way of understanding ourselves, our patterns and relationships, and how we can find and make meaning in the world.


It is a tool of deep inner inquiry and healing, and can help us navigate difficult times. And it is a whole lot of fun!


The planets and aspects mimic the complexity of the human experience—and our psyche. Looking to the stars for guidance is an age-old tradition that I am happy to continue today. I use a blend of archetypal, Hellenistic, and evolutionary astrology to help you find insight and healing.


Archetypal symbolism is the lens through which I view the world. These mythic images animate our deep psyches, and are echoed in the geometric patterns of the cosmos.

I focus on helping people uncover their subconscious patterns to better understand themselves and how they interact with others, including post-traumatic growth and moving through difficult periods of burnout.


I have been studying and practicing astrology since 2012, using a blend of archetypal, holotropic, and evolutionary astrology to help uncover and integrate elements of the unconscious self. I have studied with Renn Butler and am influenced by Stan Grof & Richard Tarnas; I situate my work in depth and transpersonal psychology. I am currently studying with Austin Coppock.


I am dedicated to my own personal growth and have active holotropic breathwork, mantra, and meditation practices; I also practice active imagination. I have studied the Kabbalah mystic tradition, tarot, and Pranayama breath work for over 20 years. I am a committed self-healer and have tried many modalities, from homeopathy to acupuncture, hypnosis to mantra remediation, body work to talk therapy. I bring this knowledge of the inner depths into my interpretations and readings.


I also have a PhD in Communication and a Master's of Environmental Science, teach writing & environmental justice, and do communications for environmental issues.


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Are you ready to go deep?

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a deeper understanding of who you are.

An astrological reading can provide that-- and so much more. It can help you uncover unconscious patterns that may be holding you back, give you space to recognize and heal from trauma or burnout, and help you get on track and embody your life's purpose.

In our session, I create a safe space for dialogue and open conversation, and hold space for your unique story as it unfolds.

What archetypal energies are at play within you?


A natal reading will help you identify various parts of yourself, give name to them, and help you work with them-- essential for any healing journey.

New to astrology? No problem! I love working with first-timers and will take time to explain your astrological terrain, and what it means. Readings are available for returning clients as well, I provide forecasts and transit check-ins, and can answer any pressing questions.


Ready to book? Please visit my Readings page.


"Lisa is amazing! I’ve had my chart read many times, but Lisa's readings always help me the most.  She seems to have an uncanny ability to 'read between the stars' and offers personal insights and thoughtful ideas that make her readings understandable, therapeutic, and sincere. Her impressive knowledge of astrological studies are also coupled with a humbling intuition which always makes me leave her readings feeling thoughtful, enlightened, and inspired. Thank you, Lisa!"

- Sara L.

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