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Birth chart Reading
Astrological Consulting

I offer astrological consultations to explore your natal chart and planetary transits. I create a safe space for dialogue and open conversation, and hold space for your unique story as it unfolds. In readings we will explore the terrain of your natal chart, discuss ongoing transits, and address any major questions you may have.

Birthchart Reading + Forecast

75 min | $120

We will explore your birth chart in-depth, assess the planetary arrangements, and analyze how they play out in your life and in your psyche. We will also look at upcoming planetary transits so you have a sense of what is on the horizon. Appropriate for first-time clients.

Transit Forecast

45 min | $90

We will analyze upcoming planetary transits that may bring you periods of challenge or opportunity. We will discuss specific dates and methods to take advantage of these times, as well as how to prepare if the weather ahead looks rough! Appropriate for returning clients.


Mini Astrology Reading

30 min | $65

This session will provide a basic overview of your chart, including the basic planetary placements and how they impact your psyche and the events unfolding in your life. Perfect for a first-time chart reading for clients on a budget.


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How to Book a Reading

  1. Purchase Reading: Please purchase your reading first with the links provided above.

  2. Select a Date/Time: Once I receive payment, you will get access to my calendar! After you select a time a calendar invite and a Zoom link will be sent, along with a reading prep sheet.

  3. Send Birth Data: I will send you a brief questionnaire to collect your birth data and ask a few simple questions.

I look forward to working with you!

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