The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a deeper understanding of who we are and to heal from our trauma.

Astrology offers a unique way of understanding ourselves, our patterns and relationships, and how we can find and make meaning in the world. It also is a tool of deep inner inquiry and healing.


The planets and aspects mimic the complexity of the human experience—and our psyche. Looking to the stars for guidance is an age-old tradition that I am happy to continue today. I use a blend of archetypal, holotropic, and evolutionary astrology to help others find insight and healing.


Lisa Virginia

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If the time is right for you to consult the stars, I would be honored to interpret your chart!

I offer astrological consultations to explore your natal chart and planetary transits. I create a safe space for dialogue and open conversation, and hold space for your unique story as it unfolds.

Readings are available for new and returning clients. If you'd like to learn more, please visit my Readings page. If you are ready to book, please use the PayPal link and I will get back to you shortly with available reading times. Please message me with any questions!

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Lisa Virginia, PhD

Archetypal symbolism is the lens through which I view the world. These mythic images animate our deep psyches, and are echoed in the geometric patterns of the cosmos.


I have been studying and practicing astrology since 2012, using a blend of archetypal, holotropic, and evolutionary astrology to help uncover and integrate elements of the unconscious self. I am influenced by Stan Grof, Richard Tarnas, and Carl Jung, and I situate my work in depth and transpersonal psychology. I focus on helping people uncover their subconscious patterns to better understand themselves and how they interact with others, including post-traumatic growth and moving through difficult periods of burnout.


I am dedicated to my own personal growth and have an active holotropic breathwork and meditation practice; I also practice active imagination. I have studied the Kabbalah mystic tradition, tarot, and Pranayama breath work for over 20 years.


I have a PhD in Communication a Master's of Environmental Science, and I also study environmental narratives, social and environmental justice, and decolonizing science.


"I am new to astrology, but Lisa did a remarkable job introducing me to the basics, and then delving deep into my chart. She describes things in understandable yet powerful ways, drawing on multiple traditions such as Jungian psychology and archetypal cosmology. It was spot-on and enlightening. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Celine, California

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