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Don't Panic in the Rip Tide

Mars-Neptune asks you to let go of your plans, please.

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalezkeola, Pexels

Mars in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces

Thursday Sept 2 @ 10:43 am PT / 1:43 pm ET

3 degree orb: Aug 28 – Sept 8 2021

Ocean safety is a must if you’re headed out into a wavy coastal break, a calm surface can give way to an angry rip tide below.

Rip currents can pull swimmers away from shore, and the first thing most of us might do is panic and swim against the flow to escape.

But the number one recommendation to survive? Stay calm and don’t swim against the current, paddle at an angle parallel to shore.

How does this relate to the cosmos this week? Well, the Neptune-Mars opposition peaking on Sept 2, 2021 asks you to stop fighting and start looking for an alternate way out.

Mars is fired up in Virgo to attend to the details, creating lists, enacting to-do lists, and obsessing over every last detail. And with its growing conjunction with the sun (exact Oct 9 2021), the passionate desire for self-expression and pushing our needs and impulses front and center can have temperatures running high and hectic schedules feeling ever busier.

Enter Neptune, seated across the table, staring down Mars—and our ego bluster—right in the face. Neptune dissolves, disseminates, redirects energy and makes it more diffuse. It challenges your assumptions, your drive, your motivation, turning it from a directed, impulsive action to a sea spray of best intentions. We can feel as if we are yelling into the void, floating aimlessly as our best laid plans fragment and drift away.

“The Neptune-Mars opposition peaking on Sept 2, 2021 asks you to stop fighting and start looking for an alternate way out.”

And when Mars and Neptune join forces, we can also see aggressive denial, a confused confrontation with the unknown, and a rather diffuse aggression. Or we can see cities inundated with angry waters, as with the remnants of Hurricane Ida swirling up the eastern seaboard, pushing down doors, creeping into homes, stalling forward progress on subway cars and in the streets. Stay safe, everyone.

But how can we work with this energy productively? It can be hard to see where our internal drive and motivation is coming from, exactly why we are pushing forward endlessly. But when Neptune halts our action, we have a moment to pause and ask why we are doing what we are doing, to reflect, and to perhaps change course. For we all know how dangerous it can be to engage the rip current of Mars-Neptune aspects.

Instead, diligently look for shore—whatever your center is—and then release any tight-fisted expectations as to how things must be. We can take this opportunity to step outside our inner current of outward-directed, productivity-oriented action to reset and find calmer waters. Let the cool watery embrace of Neptune disperse your less-constructive urges to the healing waters of Mother Ocean…


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