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Best Journeying Days – September 2021

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Opportunities to go deep, with Venusian respite.

Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

When you’re headed into the inner realms—whether through meditation, breathwork, or other journey work—it can help to know what archetypal patterns may make an appearance.

This September, we have an interesting diversity of archetypes on offer. Some provide opportunities to go deep and unearth some challenging inner material, while others provide a light and sparkling breakthrough energy.

Here are two key days to consider if you hope to have some powerful sessions this month. And even if you can’t go inward on these days, know that you still should see the influence of these transits a few days before or after.

Monday Sept 6: Dark depths with valor and lavish heights while humble

This new moon in Virgo (5:52pm PT) starts a new cycle with some restless, funky undertones, with unstable, unpredictable Uranus stirring things up with a trine. But thankfully the trine is a more supportive aspect, so new perspectives and awareness should be within easier reach. This is a blessing for journeyers looking for inspiration on the “other side,” as there should be cosmic downloads aplenty, if you’re looking and open to it.

But any good journeying session wouldn’t be complete without a good scraping of the bottom of the psyche to unearth some long-forgotten pain for processing. Thanks to Mars trine Pluto (5:20am PT), we are given the metaphorical Excalibur sword to chase after and smite shadowy elements hiding deep within, whatever they may be. This aspect also gives you staying power, so that you can doggedly sit with and work through the tough stuff. What more, Venus squares Pluto (Sept 5 @ 8:07pm PT), offering glimpses into the beauty of the dark depths and decay, an essential step in any healing story. So soldier on, fellow journeyer, you have the support!

And once you face some of the dark stuff, Venus trine Jupiter (1 degree separating) may reward you with lush and sensual, soft and inviting banquet of pleasure and comfort. This can feel like a grand buffet of the psyche, a respite after the dark depths you’ve traversed. And with Mars oppose Neptune in the background (3 degrees separating), you’ll have a chance to voluntarily (or not) vaporize your sense of self and allow it to meld with greater forces of the divine, whether that be an acute sensitivity to expansive oceanic depths, or a strong connection to a divine protector. This is a nice overall combination of access to dark depths and light and expansive spaces within us.

Saturday, Sept 25: White-knuckled drudgery with sparkles and creative waves

Sometimes it can be hard to stay with a challenging journey session when nothing is happening. But thanks to Mars trine Saturn (2:50 pm PT), we can white-knuckle it and keep pushing through the start/stop energy we may be feeling. When we have urges to let go and release into the journey-world, our egos can hold us back unnecessarily with fear. But if you lean into the frustration and just sit with the inability to move, things can suddenly pop into forward motion. Use this ‘stick with it’ energy to get things rolling if you’ve been feeling stuck!

And if you want that nice breakthrough energy to reward your patient-sitting-with-the-pain, then Venus oppose Uranus (3 degrees separating) can help counteract with colorful, vibrant eccentricity and electric connection. You may experience refreshing bursts of connection to the divine feminine, and a sense of openness and connection to others. The moon also makes complementary aspects to Neptune and Jupiter later in the day, which can heighten themes of divine connection and boundlessness.

Happy journeying, everyone!


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